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I have been using your Oil of Oregano for the past year. I used to suffer from really bad sinuses. The only
thing that would help me breathe again was a nasal spray. I knew that using nasal sprays would not be a
good long term solution. I decided to try Oil of Oregano for a long term healthy solution. One year later, I
have absolutely no breathing or nasal problems. I am clear of all sinus problems. I preach the benefits of
Oil of Oregano to anyone who will listen. People at work think I'm crazy. Your product is great!
Thank you!
New York, USA

I have used your Oregano Oil product and its effects are astounding. It beats back a common cold
better than zinc, Echinacea, and Vitamin C. I will use Healthy Health's Oregano Oil whenever I am
feeling any illness coming on. Thanks for offering such a fine product.
New Jersey, USA

I just wanted to tell you of ALL the products I have ever used for my chronic athlete's foot, your product is
the best. I use topically (diluted) & orally. My wife also used it topically for an ant & bee sting and it really
helped. Thanks! You can quote me. Again, congratulations on a very superior product.
California, USA

The oregano oil I’ve been purchasing from your website is incredible.  I’ve haven’t felt this good or
weighed less in a very long time.

I wanted to let you know of a second area I am using your oregano oil in.  It sounds weird and probably
stupid, but my vegetable garden.  I put a few drops in each tomato plant and bell pepper row.  In addition
to giving each plant a delicious smell and taste, I believe it acts as a possible fertilizer and insect

It could be just dumb luck, but my vegetables are growing like weeds, have never looked better, and are
normally covered with beetles and chinch bugs.  Not this time though.  I guess what I am saying is thanks
again, this is great stuff.
North Carolina, USA

I have to say how shocked I was to receive your gift of the oil or oregano!  I truly am utterly grateful for
your outstanding customer service.  I have a friend who has been buying oil of oregano at a local store.  I
told her about your company, and she will be ordering from you from now on.   I want to thank you again
for honoring your word and going above and beyond my expectations!!  I don't have enough words to
thank you!!!   You have a customer for life with me!

Massachusetts, USA

I started taking your "Oil Of Oregano" because I heard it'll cure my constipation problems, I've had for
years. Within a few weeks, I no longer had constipation, but was going regularly, everyday; but that's not
all it cured, my problem with Jock itch cleared up too. I gave it to my wife, when she caught a cold and
within 2 days, she no longer had any symptoms of a cold.

Thank You so much for selling this quality product, at a price that anyone can afford
Georgia, USA

I work at the Boy's & Girls Club in Missouri. With the cold and flu season in full swing I came through
without getting any 'bugs' thanks to your oil of Oregano.

Carthage, Missouri USA

I use oil of oregano for asthma three times a day. After months of use and the elimination of sugar, I was
taken off medication with the assistance of my doctor.

Atlanta, Georgia

I work as a schoolteacher, and I catch at least three to four colds a year. This September I began using
your Oil Of Oregano. Whenever I felt the symptoms of a cold coming on I would take four drops, three
times a day for two to three days and the symptoms would disappear. It is now December and I have not
had a cold yet.

Thank you for offering such a high quality product that works wonders.

New York, USA

My husband had a very bad cold and knew pneumonia was on the doorstep. He began taking 4 drops of
your Oil of Oregano four times a day. His cold improved each day and he is well now.
A friend felt a cold coming on and he began taking your Oil of Oregano 4 drops 4 times a day and the cold
did not develop.

Thank you for the terrific product - Oil of Oregano.

British Columbia, Canada

I ALWAYS get a nasty sinus infection or cold by this time, every year - except this one. Every time I
suspect exposure or feel symptoms of a sinus problem or cold starting up, I have used your Oil of
Oregano and It has worked very well. .

Also, I found an online recommendation to use a few drops of Oil Of Oregano in a cup of very hot water,
and inhale the steam. This is similar, but in my experience, superior to Eucalyptus Oil as an aid to help
moisten and thin the mucus in my sinuses.

Thanks much!!! for a superior, carefully tested and packaged organically based product. I expect I'll be a
long-term customer.

New Jersey, USA

I am a single mom of four children one with cystic fibrosis. My son gets frequent horrendous pulmonary
infections in which the only treatment has been the very strong multiple I.V. antibiotics : Tobi, Septra,
Cipro, Most people know how serious these infections can be..Your company was kind enough to send
me a free bottle of oil oregeno. The results were really amazing I gave 10 drops as preventative a day and
increased to 3x daily when he was symptomatic. It has been his longest stretch ever without being on
antibiotics ! That has been very unbelievable for us !! So whatever the cost maybe I am never gonna go
without it for him!! Thankyou!!! Thankyou for your product and generousity !


Just want to say that i usually get the p-73 extra strength, which is way more expensive. This stuff is just
as good, if not better. As long as you sell it, I will buy.

Thank you guys!
Quebec, Canada

I was turned onto the oregano oil recently when I had a sore throat and within two hours after my first
dose I was already getting better. I'm sold on it and am spreading the word!!!


I’m trying to acquire some information for my employer about becoming a wholesale dealer for your
product “oil of oregano.”
He has been taking this product for sometime now and it has helped his health immensely, he wasn't a
believer a first but now swears by it and he would like to pass it on to people throughout the community.
He would like to know how much he would have to buy and the cost.

How are you? I was taking my oregano oil today and had to check out the site again....It looks really good,
I am still using the oil strong, taking it every day. My allergies and nasal problems are gone.
New York, USA

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